Our Meetings

4th Wednesdays of the month
Formal Nights for talks, demonstrations, lively discussions and activities: 7:30pm: Heeley Green Community Centre, 344 Gleadless Rd, Heeley, Sheffield S2 3AJ.

Other Wednesdays in a month
Check out our events and Member's Hub on Facebook, as we either go out for meals and socials, contesting evenings, or we do portable evenings.

Aims, Objectives & Rules

The Society has a set of guiding principles to which all members are asked to work towards, in order to help us all on building good relationships and to further our shared enjoyment of a great hobby.

  1. The aims of the society are to foster mutual respect and friendships, as well as promote the enjoyment of amateur radio in and around the Sheffield area.
  2. Membership of the society will be FREE for life with no membership fees.
  3. The society will aim to minimise conflicting with the interests of other local groups, for the full benefit of its membership who wish to enjoy other commitments and interests.
  4. Activities will be based on *self organisation* to enable members to develop and share their own interests.
  5. Any costs from activities for things such as contesting events, affiliations, activities will be covered by those participants and members who mutually agree to contribute financially. There will be no pressure to contribute.
  6. All members have a right to be treated with respect and with dignity, no politics and no baggage.

Members failing to honor this simple code of conduct will be asked to change their ways or leave.

Click the link below to view the  SDWS Constitution

SDWS COMMITTEE from March 2022

Chair: Andy Burton, M0GAV
Vice Chair: Dave Shaw, M5DWI,
General Secretary: Krystyna Haywood G5YL
Programme Secretary: David Hayes, M0GDX
Treasurer: Richard Thomas 2E0YTB
Contest Manager: Dave Shaw M5DWI
Ordinary Members: David Wright G8EQD, Tim Jones 2E0TJX, Steve Collins M0USX, Andy France G0VUH, Andrew Bennett G0HSA
Ancillary helpers:
SDWS Club Callsign (G5TO) N.o.V Holder: Peter Day G3PHO
MEAL OUT ORGANISER — for the fifth Wednesday of the month meal-out-evening ... VOLUNTEER NEEDED!
PUBLICITY OFFICER … working with the General and Programme Secretaries to promote SDWS,national and world wide via printed matter, events, website and Facebook. KEIRAN, M6AYW has
offered his services towards the SDWS website.

Presently G3PHO, 2E0TJX and M0USX …. All are willing to continue. The new General Secretary and Programme Secretary will also be made Admins or moderators so they can post & edit Society business.

In addition to, but outside of the above committee, Peter Day G3PHO acts as the Society’s Liaison Officer with the RSGB.


Previous Committees

   Our Committee for 2018-2020
  • Chair – Andrew Bennett G0HSA
  • Vice Chair – Dave Shaw M5DWI
  • General Secretary & RSGB Liason – Peter Day G3PHO
  • Treasurer – Graham Coyne G3YJR
  • Contest Manager – Andy Burton M0GAV
  • Program Secretary - VACANT - done by G3PHO in addition to his Gen Sec job.
  • Publicity OfficerVACANT - done by G3PHO in addition to his Gen Sec job.
  • Ordinary members: David G8EQD, John Illingworth M6JIJ, Richard Thomas M6YTB & Tim Jones, 2E0TJX

 The first committee 2013-2018

  • Chair – Krystyna Haywood 2E0KSH
  • Vice Chair – Andy Burton, M0GAV
  • Secretary – Peter Day G3PHO
  • Treasurer – Graham Coyne G3YJR
  • Contest ManagersVHF: David Wright, G8EQD HF: Andrew Bennett, G0HSA
  • Program Secretary – Steve Collins 2E0FST
  • Publicity Officer – Krystyna Haywood 2E0KSH
  • Ordinary members: Pete Murphy, M6EEZ; Tim Jones, 2E0TJX

In addition to, but outside of the above committee, Peter Day G3PHO acted as the Society’s Liaison Officer with the RSGB.