Our Meetings

4th Wednesdays of the month
Formal Nights for talks, demonstrations, lively discussions and activities: 7:30pm: Heeley Green Community Centre, 344 Gleadless Rd, Heeley, Sheffield S2 3AJ.

Other Wednesdays in a month
Check out our events and Member's Hub on Facebook, as we either go out for meals and socials, contesting evenings, or we do portable evenings.

Join us!

One of our main aims is to provide FREE lifetime membership to all who are interested in Amateur Radio, locally in and around the Sheffield area. What local club or society for you know that charges no membership fees and no subscription fees? The Rutland Hotel generously offered us a free room up to late 2018, after which the new management asked us to pay a room hire charge of £50 per night. As a result of yet another price increase to £80 a night in 2022,  we have been forced to find new premises at a cheaper hire charge.

From September 2022 we now meet at:

Heeley Green Community Centre, 344 Gleadless Rd, Heeley, Sheffield S2 3AJ.

We do not offer a shack as this in itself costs funds, and additionally, we often found that club equipment was rarely used. This appeared pointless to us. Instead, we decided that as many of our members with equipment are always happy to share their views, discuss equipment that this was the right sociable way forward. Making friends is also a key part of the hobby in any case. Many members will even support you physically or with advice in helping you to set up your station. Taking part in our regular field days will also give you a great opportunity to try out some expensive highly rated equipment that some members might never get to use due to affordability.

The purpose behind limiting costs and fees is to give everyone who wants it, a chance to be a part of an Amateur Radio Society. Not everyone can attend each week and not everyone lives locally, and often a subscription fee is the main barrier for membership of any organisation.

We took a relaxed view and decided that any member can join us, as we find that those who do, tend have an interest in adopting our main Aims and Objectives of friendship, mutual respect and no politics or baggage. We have no membership numbers as the callsign is the identifier of club membership.

To register, send us an email, or ask to join our Member’s Hub on Facebook by clicking the request link.


SDWS Committee 2024-25
Chair: Andrew Bennett
Vice Chair: Dave Shaw, M5DWI,
General Secretary: Pat Davies M7PAT
Programme Secretary: Andrew Hebden G8BYB
Treasurer: John Spurgeon G4LLKD
Contest Manager: Dave Shaw M5DWI
Ordinary Members: David Wright G8EQD, Tim Jones 2E0TJX, Steve Collins M0USX, Andy France G0VUH, Peter Day G3PHO

Ancillary helpers:
SDWS Club Callsign (G5TO) N.o.V Holder: Peter Day G3PHO

MEAL OUT ORGANISER — for the fifth Wednesday of the month meal-out-evening ... VOLUNTEER NEEDED!
PUBLICITY OFFICER … working with the General and Programme Secretaries to promote SDWS, national and world wide via printed matter, events, website and Facebook.

Presently G3PHO, 2E0TJX, M0USX ….  General Secretary and Programme Secretary are also Admins or moderators so they can post & edit Society business.


In addition to, but outside of the above committee, Peter Day G3PHO acts as the Society’s Liaison Officer with the RSGB.

Click the link below to view the  S&DWS Constitution

Sheffield & District Wireless Society Constitution 2013 V2