Our Meetings

1st Wednesdays of the month
Formal Nights for talks, demonstrations, lively discussions and activities: 7:30pm at the Rutland Hotel, 452 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PY.

2nd,3rd & 4th Wednesdays
are our friendly "Cheers n Beers" gatherings in the public bar at the Rutland Hotel, 452 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PY.

5th Wednesdays in a month
Check out our events and Member's Hub on Facebook, as we either go out for meals and socials, or we do portable evenings.

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We are fortunate to have access to several analogue repeaters, 3 DSTAR repeaters, 1 Fusion, a beacon and several links in Sheffield to choose from;


  • GB3KEU Beacon for Microwaves presently QRT

Repeaters/Links in Sheffield Area

  • GB3AB – Worral – FM, 70cm, CTCSS 82.5, 433.175/434.775
  • GB3US – Town Centre- FM with ECHOLINK 223073 and IRLP Node 5150, 70cm, CTCSS 103.5Hz, 433.000/434.600
  • GB7SF – Wincobank – DSTAR, Port C, 145.1375//145.7375
  • GB7SH – Wincobank – for FM/Fusion, CTCSS 71.9Hz, 430.9625/438.5625
  • GB7SN – Meadowhead – Hyterea DMR, 439.6750/430.675, DMR Slot 1
  • GB7SR – Fox Hill -Motorola DMR,  439.6375/430.6375, DMR Slot 2
  • MB7ALBRotherham, FM, IRLP Node 5200, Simplex on 70cm, at 430.0625, CTCSS 71.9 run by G4NJI
  • MB7ALC – Mexborough, ALLSTAR/FM, Simplex on 70cm  at 430.0375 MHz, CTCSS is 71.9 run by G0VUH
  • MB7IGCSheffield, FM, Echolink 471476, IRLP Node 5100, Simplex on 2m at 145.337.50, CTCSS 71.9, run by G4CUI
  • MB7ITH-LALLSTAR/FM, Echolink 437121, 145.21250, CTCSS 71.9Hz, run by 2E0EVP.

ATV Repeaters

  • GB3TT – 23cms,1310.0000/1278.000

Other Areas ‘just’ outside of Sheffield that you could potentially reach

  • GB3DS – Worksop, FM, 433.3250/434.9250, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3DV – Maltby, FM, IRLP Node 5130, 433.0250/434.6250, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3DY – Wirksworth, FM, 433.2500 434.8500, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3EE – Chesterfield, FM, 70cm, 71.9Hz, 433.3000/434.9000
  • GB3HD – Huddersfield, Fusion/FM, 433.2250/434.8250, CTCSS 82.5
  • GB3HF – Barnsley, FM, 50.7600/51.2600, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3HH – Buxton, FM, 145.7000/145.1000, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3HM – Belper, FM, 50.7600/51.2600, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3IN – Matlock – DSTAR/DMR; 145.6375/145.0375, 71.9Hz/DMR Slot 1
  • GB3LM – Lincoln, Fusion/FM, 145.7250/145.1250, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3NA – Barnsley/Pudsey, FM/Fusion, 145.6125/145.0125, CTCss 71.9
  • GB3NF – Nottingham, FM, 145.6250/145.0250, CTCSS 77.0
  • GB3NM – Nottingham, FM, 433.1750/434.7750, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB3RB – Bolsover, FM, 433.2000/434.8000, CTCCC 71.9
  • GB7SY – Barnsley, FM, 433.1500/434.7500, CTCSS 71.9
  • GB7YD Barnsley, DSTAR, port C, 145.6750/145.0750
  • GB7YD Barnsley, DSTAR, port B, 439.5125/430.5125
  • GB7YD Barnsley, DSTAR, port A, 1297.300/1291.300
  • GB7YW, Wakefield, FM, 145.7875 145.1875, CTCSS 82.5
  • GB3XN – Worksop, FM, 430.9250/438.525, CTCSS 71.9


Background Information

B3KEU – Microwave Beacon

A 5.7GHz microwave beacon, GB3KEU, was running from April 2008 until mid March 2014 from the Sheffield Amateur Radio Club location at Meadowhead, Sheffield. We “threw the big switch” at 11.15GMT Sunday 6 April.

Sadly the beacon has had to be removed from the SARC HQ,  as the committee, guided by its Chair and Vice Chair asked for a site rental fee (it had been housed for free for the past 6 years), restricted the unlimited access by the beacon keeper, as required by OFCOM,  and obviously preferred it to be taken away!

At the moment (April 2014), it is in the shack of G3PHO awaiting some refurbishing and will hopefully soon be QRV again but from the home QTH of G3PHO in IO93GG. We are just waiting for Ofcom to approve the site change. If this is going to take months the beacon will be activated as a personal attended beacon under the call sign G3PHO/B until GB3KEU clearance comes through.

The technical details remain the same and are shown below …

  • Callsign: GB3KEU (In memory of Tim Leighfield, G3KEU, a keen 6cm op and now SK)
  • Frequency: Nominally 5760.925MHz
  • Antenna: Slotted wave guide. Omni.
  • Power out: 25W erp
  • Keying: FSK, nominally 400Hz shift.
  • Line up: G8ACE OCXO-> DB6NT 5.7 beacon module -> DB6NT PA (at reduced o/p)

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Peter, G3LRP (nr Wakefield) for his extremely generous donation of both DB67NT modules to this project. He waited a very long time to hear this beacon! Many thanks also to the Telford club, G3ZME very kindly donated (via G3UKV) a beautifully made slotted waveguide antenna.

Reports to: G3PH0