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Another big pat on the back to our SDWS Contesters…

Sheffield and District Wireless Society is making a real impact on the UK Amateur radio Contesting scene these days and it’s all due to a keen and enthusiastic band of members who are prepared to devote a large amount of time to operating on the club’s behalf.

Not only are we top of the UKAC Local Club League and 4th in the RSGB 80m Club Contest League but we have just finished 6th in the 2016-2017 series of the Affiliated Societies Contest and have qualified for an honourable mention Certificate! You can see by looking at the band headings on the results table that the series of contests spanned 160 metres to 432MHz, both SSB and CW.
Here is the contest adjudicator’s (G3SQX) report …
Ed, G3SQX, visited our Arran IOTA Contest team last year and had dinner with us on our last night on the island…. a very nice bloke.

“AFS Super League 2016-17
The top three slots in this composite of RSGB contests were once again fought over by the same clubs as in previous years. However their positions changed, with Camb-Hams moving into first place, gaining maximum points in five of the six contributing contests, and winning theHadley Wood Contest Group Trophy. A second place certificate goes to Bristol Contest Group who were close behind, and the third place certificate was gained by Grimsby ARC., Pembrokeshire Contest Group, Tall Trees Contest Group, Sheffield & District Wireless Society and Chesham & District Amateur Radio Society were just below in the table – all receiving certificates for finishing in the top three-quarters of scores in the six contributing contests.”


(numbers after the callsigns indicate the bands they operated):
2E0KSH: 6m
2E0RET/A: 2m, 70cm
M0GAV: 80m SSB, 6m, 2m
M0GDX: 80m SSB, 2m, 70cm
M0MDY: 2m, 70cm
M0YDB: 6m, 2m, 70cm
M6IEB: 2m
M6JIJ: 2m, 70cm
G0HSA: 80 m CW
G0MGX: 2m
G3PHO (aka GX5TO): 160m, 80m CW, 80m SSB, 6m, 2m, 70cm
G3YJR: 160m, 80m CW, 80m SSB, 2m, 70cm,
G4LKD: 2m, 160m
G8NSD: 70cm
G8NVX: 160m, 6m, 2m,
The Society thanks them all !

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