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First YL Full License Pass at Sheffield Wireless

We’d really like to pass on our huge congratulations to Jayne Severn, 2E0SVN (now M0JNE), who has become the first YL member of Sheffield Wireless to gain a full licence during the Society’s most recent history. The result, she got 95% for the full exam with just 3 questions wrong. Yup! Just three!

An excellent achievement, but being much of a modest individual, Jayne complained that she did the mock advanced exam at the back of the exam secrets book and claimed to either have no understanding of potential dividers and leading/lagging waveforms at all, and categorically stating questions 11 & 14 must be wrong, but then realised she read the question wrong…

Not to be beaten, in a day before the full exam, her last attempt on Hamtests was 93%, but of course modestly speaking, there’s a lot of repetition from one mock to the next, so she said she decided to take that with a big pinch of salt and continue with lots of revision along with more RSGB mocks.

In passing the exam she said, “I had no idea how though, but by the end I thought I’d get 45/62 right or thereabouts. After the first 20 minutes (the 10 licence condition questions), I was just hoping it would get easier, but no, it was really difficult all the way…” Difficult, what with 95%… Pull the other one Jayne 🙂

Given that she only gained her 2E0 earlier this year, our huge congratulations are in order; you’ve made us all proud at Sheffield Wireless!

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