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A message to the GB3EE persecutors regarding children & families

It is clear to the local Amateur Radio fraternity that there are a group of individuals on the GB3EE repeater with a goal to seek to persecute and oppress a certain M3 individual, to prevent that person using GB3EE, and also prevent anyone who is in communication with the said person, as well as to persecute and oppress radio amateurs who are challenging their actions.

This is a message to those persecutors. Whilst we do not condone the above behaviours, you have been heard threatening the partners, and especially the children of those who are challenging you. This is unacceptable. An example of good practice can be found with the paedo hunters on their various Facebook Pages where they hunt down pedophiles in a vigilante style and then involve police for conclusion. These ‘hunters’ are careful to point out to viewers watching that they must not approach the homes of such pedophiles, threaten families nor threaten children.

You are advised to do the same by refraining from making any such further threats where children and the partners of these individuals, as this is a serious safeguarding matter where children are concerned. Such threats by adults made by yourself is a serious matter, a criminal matter, and is not the purpose of your objectives to stop a certain individual using GB3EE.

Click to visit Safer DerbyshireContinue to persecute certain Radio Amateurs if that is your desire and goal, and clearly, we’re unable to stop you. This message is to ask you to refrain from threatening partners and particularly children who you have placed in a vulnerable position with your comments.  Your threats against children are being recorded, and can be passed to the Police and Social Services as part of any Safeguarding investigations. This is a polite request to please desist. Thank you.

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