Our Meetings

4th Wednesdays of the month
Formal Nights for talks, demonstrations, lively discussions and activities: 7:30pm: Heeley Green Community Centre, 344 Gleadless Rd, Heeley, Sheffield S2 3AJ.

Other Wednesdays in a month
Check out our events and Member's Hub on Facebook, as we either go out for meals and socials, contesting evenings, or we do portable evenings.

When Societies work together for members

Two of Sheffield Wireless’ mains aims are to foster mutual respect and friendships, as well as minimise conflicting with the interests of other local groups, for the full benefit of its membership who wish to enjoy other commitments.

So, it comes as a real pleasure when both our Societies have enjoyed good natured camaraderie against each other’s contesting teams in recent years, undertaking a joint DXpedition to Arran for the IOTA last year, and despite Sheffield Wireless being top of the UKAC league, Worksop ironically still gain more lead winners at national level.. ho hum..!!

Whilst Sheffield meets weekly on a Wednesday evening, Worksop have two meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so there is no conflict between us, just as we’ve always avoided conflicting with Sheffield’s other club’s meeting night on Mondays. This means our members can enjoy whatever clubs they wish to take part in for a whole week through, and enhance their hobby even more. SDWS and Worksop are two very different, but equally strong societies with ours having access to the generosity of facilities of Sheffield’s Rutland Hotel with activities based 0n a voluntary and self organised basis, with Worksop having it’s own building, several shacks and a great range of equipment in store to use and play with. For annual membership of £10 at Worksop, with a £1 door charge, it makes sense to support a very good value for money subscription which helps to pay for their facility costs.

We’re very grateful that Worksop extended an opportunity for Iftikhar and Jake (pictured right) to be able to take their exam today at Worksop and gain very good passes. This gets them very quickly on to the first rung of the amateur ladder. We extend our congratulations also to the remaining 7 Worksop members who also passed and earned their foundation passes, and we wish them all every success as they follow their paths to the next stage in their amateur radio future together. Congratulations to all who passed their exam today…

Our thanks again to Worksop ARS for supporting Sheffield Wireless members in this way. All we have to do now is sign them up into Sheffield’s contesting team to give Worksop a pasting in the league next year…




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