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Ham Tests Website will be no more…

As of September, the Ham Tests website will be no more. Sheffield Wireless would like to congratulate and give huge thanks to Paul M0TZO for his tremendous work in maintaining such a valuable and highly commendable website resource.
One can only presume that with the one person now working on the site, and with the massive impending changes to the Training Syllabuses across the licences, that the work to update, and bring in new questions will be greatly an onerous one. If this is the case, then Paul’s departure comes at the right time for him, so that he can enjoy a well deserved break after a decade of devotion to such a fantastic resource. There will certainly be strong new challenges for any new person who attempts to venture with their own new resource for the community, as the benchmark to reach is a high one..!!
You might wish to direct your thanks to M0TZO Paul Gibson for doing such a fantastic job.
Still, the positive for this in our view, is that it will steer future students away from relying on Ham Tests, and back to reading what they should be learning…
Paul, our sincerest thanks from us all at Sheffield Wireless, now you can put your feet up and enjoy a well earnt rest..!!  Here’s what Paul wrote on the front page of the Ham Tests website before the closure of the website…
I’m sorry to have dragged this out.
Last year my fellow Admin pulled out and I tried badly to run HamTests on own. I should have listened and bowed out gracefully then.
So this time I’m here to say we are closing this time, but maybe as a result of the delay we are not losing some work.
* HamTests as is, is Closing
* Personal Information is being deleted by us (nothing sold or given away)
* Questions Database will be made available shortly after site closes at end of August as Moodle compatible download
* Sites offering online mock tests, especially with our old Database will be allowed a link from us
* No you can’t host for us, this decision is final
From today, no support will be offered for site issues. It’s sad, but the Aim for HamTests was achieved. Peter 2MØSQL and myself Paul MØTZO wanted an online way to train for our tests.
We’ve won awards, we’ve set the benchmark, but our time has ended. We hope our legacy will go on.
At the end of August will will close this site and delete the user database.
We’ve had a good fun 10+ years and have many good memories. We still try to get to Guernsey for IOTA because of this site. We wish you all the best with your studies and would hope to have a QSO some time.
73 (sadly)

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