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Retiring Chair’s Statement for our AGM on 5th September

This is a positive statement looking back and looking forwards for Sheffield Wireless; prepared arising from my planned absence for the AGM.

SDWS started back in October 2013 as a result of an exciting meeting at the University Arms planning the formation of a new group and a new contesting team. It was a fantastic evening with positive discussions and plans, resulting at the end in a standing ovation to everyone.

All the participants who attended will be glad to reflect back and recall what was an absolutely electric back slapping atmosphere. Brilliant, to say the least!

Society members must never forget that night, nor forget why we created the five aims and objectives of the society and what they stand for, as a means to get away from past grievances which are clearly aired on our website.

So, what have we achieved in my time as Chair?

Here’s a number of positive statements for my role between 2013 and 2018

  • We have a strong contesting team with consistent results at the top of the UK charts, where this year the society will obtain a Trophy it so very much deserves after so much hard work in the UKAC’s.
  • We have trained over 20 Foundation students joining our membership ranks, over 5 intermediates, mainly by myself with the support of a few volunteers, thanks to Jayne M0JNE, David G8EQD, Dave M5DWI and Peter G3PHO, as well as Steve Hambleton G0EAK Invigilating independently for us from Worksop ARS and with 1 full license pass from M0JNE.
  • We’ve in the main attained high quality meeting accommodation for free for several years, but now at a low price with a great bar and restaurant within what is a highly supportive hotel business.
  • We’ve had two very successful IOTA DXpeditions to Arran jointly with Worksop ARS and 93CG. A very positive set of events that helped to build up and form positive inter club relations.
  • We’ve formed very positive inter-club relations, one which we can be proud of, and ultimately, must always work hard to build on and maintain. No other society has ever achieved that form what I can see.
  • We’ve had some high quality talks ably arranged by Steve 2E0FST and Peter G3PHO, with one talk being arranged via online FaceTime chat and sometimes by Peter G3PHO via the BATC.
  • We’ve stuck to our goals of a society free of membership fees and subscriptions, with members contributing personal choice donations to help maintain costs of our room bookings.
  • We’ve produced some great training videos and materials, created mainly by myself which are now greatly in need of updating and change due to large scale and increased syllabus changes.
  • We have a great informative website, built mainly by myself with Peter G3PHO providing a good publicity resource.
  • We have a popular publicity page on facebook which helps to draw more people from around the world to join us.
  • We have great publicity materials from flyers, business cards, a banner and many videos to enjoy.

The society has achieved many more things in its small time in existence, so we have a lot to be proud of what’s been established.

So, what next for SDWS?

It’s clear a lot has been achieved, and whilst most of the current committee are willing to re-stand, let it be known that they also do need a break too!

I am standing down because despite a small recent spat, I really am very very tired, and have a lot to do currently. I have done so much for the society in recent years that I am looking forward to a much needed break and holiday from Chair as well as my role in training. It really has been a hard slog. I need to get on with my Full License without any distraction. I was asked recently how long I’ve been doing the full, and the answer is, this is now my fourth and final attempt in so many years, fourth because of distractions of continuing to do training and chairing. I do feel I have done enough for the society and I, like the rest of the committee, deserve that break.

There’s positive opportunities and challenges ahead. New training syllabuses will require a rethink and brand new material, so the old stuff will have to go as it’s now out of date. Several clubs up and down the UK are already considering withdrawing from 2E0 and Full Training in light of this, and the new syllabus will require training from previously 130 objectives to 250 objectives of learning. This is a big leap for volunteer trainers to consider, requiring a much bigger time investment. The slog will now get harder!

There’s opportunities to publicise the society at local events of interest to you, using our banners and stand; a great way you as members can volunteer to attract new members to become involved in what is a fantastic hobby. Just ask for the banner anytime.

There’s opportunities to build on what is already a strong contesting team, organise field days, arrange IOTA and SOTA events, and continue to build and rebuild links with other clubs. The real focus should not be on supporting the best contester in a team, as doing so fails to develop the skills, abilities and equipment of all team members for stronger teams results in the leagues.

Our five aims and goals are what form the basis of our society, agreed at our first electrically charged meeting; to foster mutual respect and friendships, free membership, minimise conflicts with other clubs, self organisation of activities with no pressure, and a right for members to be treated with dignity and respect. ALL members need to remember all these aims and rules.

I am very very proud of this Society and what we have achieved under my Chairwomanship..!!

After everything I have done, I’m taking a much needed and well deserved break for a little while, just to get on with what’s really important to me.

So, step in, and think not can the society can do for you, but what you can do for the society. It’s truly now YOUR turn to take the reins, and I have to say, it will be about time too..!! 🙂

73, 88’s and good luck..!!

Krystyna 2E0KSH
Founding Chair 2013/2018 (now resigned/retired)

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